Shops are expected to re-open in early April.


When will the shops close?
The Beachwood and Solon shops will be open regular hours through Sunday, January 28. Shops will close on Monday, January 29 for approximately two months.

How long will the shops be closed?
The Beachwood and Solon shops will be closed for renovations for approximately two months. We are looking forward to re-opening both shops in early April.

Where can I get Mitchell’s Ice Cream while the Beachwood and Solon shops are closed?
The closest shop to Beachwood and Solon is our Uptown shop – you can also visit a local grocer to pick up pints. We also encourage you to take a trip to our flagship location in Ohio City, where you can watch ice cream being made in our Kitchen. Additionally, public Tasting Tours are available at our Ohio City Shop & Kitchen – you can book a spot here.

Why are the shops being renovated?
We are renovating our Beachwood and Solon shops with Lakewood-based architecture firm, Dimit Architects, to be more open and welcoming. Additionally, shop renovations will incorporate many sustainable features, including high efficiency lighting, water heating, as well as heating and cooling. Other features include artisan furniture made from recycled materials by our friends at 44 Steel. 

What will be different about the Beachwood and Solon shops once renovations are complete?
Beachwood: Renovations to the Mitchell’s Ice Cream Beachwood shop will brighten and open the space, creating a greater transparency and connection between the interior and exterior. New doors will offer direct access to the patio. Additionally, wood slats will telescope through the space, connecting the entry with new options for seating, including special areas for children.

Solon: Renovations will feature two new openings to connect with the patio and increased areas for seating both inside and outside. A bright and open interior will be complemented by a decorative wood screen that will wrap around a playful seating area for children and adults. 

Will menu pricing be impacted by the renovations?
No, menu pricing will not change from renovations – menu pricing will remain the same throughout 2018. 


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