Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship your ice cream?

A: We have chosen not to, due to the high expense and significant carbon cost of air-freighting heavy frozen packages. We encourage you to visit Cleveland and stop in one of our shops for a uniquely Cleveland treat!

Q: Can I purchase a gift card even though I live out of town?

A: Yes. We can arrange a gift card purchase over the phone and will mail the gift card for you. Please contact one of our shops and somebody will be happy to assist.

Q: Are franchises available or will you be expanding to other cities?

A: We’re flattered that people ask, but we’re happiest to keep Mitchell’s a local Cleveland ice cream company.

Q: Do you have non-dairy or vegan choices?

A: Yes! We have two vegan flavors made with a coconut milk base. In addition, all of our sorbets are non-dairy and vegan, and they can be topped with our fresh fruit toppings or chocolate sauce, if you wish.

Q: How do I prepare a cake or pie for serving?

A: Our cakes and pies should be taken out of the freezer approximately 20 minutes before you will be ready to cut them.

Q: Do you have nutritional information for your ice creams?

A: No, but ingredient information is available at any of our shops and on our pints and quarts, or you can download a full list of our ingredients here.

Q: Is your ice cream kosher?

A: Shalom, kosher friends! Yes, all of our ice creams, sorbets, and frozen yogurts are kosher. Please see the certificates of supervision.

Q: Do you have gluten-free ice creams?

A: All of our products are made and served in facilities in which food items made with wheat flour are also made and served. So there is some trace of wheat flour in every Mitchell’s product. However, many of our flavors and toppings are made with no wheat ingredients. Please download a full list of our ingredients here for more information.

Q: How do I request a sponsorship or donation from Mitchell’s?

A: Please direct your request to via email to We are always happy to do what we can to help non-profit community programs.

Q: I would like to use Mitchell’s ice creams in my restaurant. Whom do I contact?

A: Please contact us and we’ll get back to you soon. We appreciate your interest!